Born Aggressive, Clothing Company

Case Study

When Born Aggressive Clothing Company called Second Round, they had only a name written on a piece of paper and an idea to start a new line of clothing aimed at those who fit the title "Born Aggressive" - People who ride, race, fight and play in an aggressive nature. Research into the apparel industry indicated that retail was strong ( at that time ) and the demand for new brands was high. ( Still true )

So we began with their identity system and style guide. We created a mark for Born Aggressive that stands out from their competitors and somewhat resembles a tattoo. Our initial focus group response on the brand's identity was a huge hit and more importantly our client loves it as well.

We needed the mark to be identifiable to the crowd they wanted to reach. Born Aggressive is not an action-sports line. It's a lifestyle brand that caters to a wide audience. It's for the people who aren't afraid to grab life by the horns, take things to the edge and back. This lifestyle includes Off-road and MotoCross, Professional Fighting, Skate and Surf, all form of racing, and even the people who follow these aggressive athletes and party with them!

We had the Born Aggressive name and logo trademarked after realizing their industry is known for image stealing and mis-use. Our design efforts then focussed on their identity & branding with a full set of corporate stationery, a custom website, their social media designs and establishment, digital conversion tracking, reporting and analysis, online advertising & marketing and even their booth set up for attending live events. We have designed a variety of print files for Born Aggressive in the form of posters, flyers, in-store wall art and even their wholesale catalog - available in both digital and print formats.

We currently handle all of their Search Engine Marketing, their digital advertising, their social media design and all of their reporting & analytics for the previously mentioned. Their website has full custom CMS allowing them to make changes to any part of the site, live on the fly. All of their content is database-driven, and the site is fully responsive allowing users to browse and place secure orders right off of their phones and tablets. A secure custom e-commerce solution was implemented which ties directly into their inventory for tracking. A wholesale ordering system was added so retail stores can easily login, establish ordering accounts and quickly place their wholesale orders in a secure environment. Born Aggressive now has the ability to continue pushing out their product designs and fulfill their orders in a quick & easy fashion, without having to worry about the site.

See some of their designs below.

Click here to view the live website

Project Details

Custom Website Design
Fully Responsive Website
Full Custom CMS
Dynamic Database-Driven Content
Analytics / Reporting
Custom E-Commerce
User Database
SEO Reporting / Analytics
PPC Advertising and Account Optimization
SEM Analytics / Reporting
Content Marketing
Keyword Analysis / Ranking
Email Marketing Strategy, Design & Development
Mobile Optimized Email Marketing
Email List Building
Automated Email Campaigns
Online Advertising, Media Buying and Planning
Bahavioral, Geo & Contextural Targeting
Online Ad Design
Social Media Advertising and Ad Design
Conversion Tracking & Analysis
Paid Social Media Advertising
Social Media Management
Conversion Tracking
Community Building
Complete Stationery System Design
Print Collateral

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