Sympo, Inc. - Certified Intuit Quickbooks Developers

Case Study

Sympo creates hand-in-hand successes by partnering on database management projects with some of the biggest names in Retail, Real Estate and Construction. The database dynamos at Sympo helped root out process inefficiencies on a business unit basis, and provided flexible, scalable, cost-effective web-based data management solutions.

Sympo, Inc. called on us to create their brand's internet presence. They came to us with a finished logo and a few ideas and said have fun! Their approach to doing business is geared toward the youth in business, breaking away from what some people might call any form of a standard. We feel this comes across in the site design as well.

They required a Spanish language site version as well as an English version to meet their wide range in clientele. The site is pretty simple and straight forward. If you have Flash enabled in your browser, you can see the opening page Post-it Note animation. If you don't have Flash enabled, you are served a static image instead.

We also handle their print collateral work and their custom stationery system as well.

See some of their designs below.

Click here to view the live website

Project Details

Custom Website Design
Multi-Language Websites/Content
SEO Reporting / Analytics
Keyword Analysis / Ranking
Stationery Design
Print Collateral

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